Leading extruder of printable graphic quality polyethylene and polypropylene materials

Our success comes from the strength of our capabilities when producing printable plastic sheet and roll stock.

Material Capabilities

Close up Ream of Large Empty White Papers on a Wooden Platform Inside the Office.

PolyPrime has numerous capabilities…

  • Two manufacturing facilities – Crawfordsville, IN and Thomasville, GA
  • 15 extrusions lines
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Graphic quality sheet available in flat sheet stock or roll stock
  • A wide variety of sizes, finishes, thicknesses and colors offered

PolyPrime produces two types of plastic materials

PolyPrime general material characteristics

  • Extremely durable and lasts
  • Available in a variety of surface finishes and thicknesses
  • Produced in a variety of opaque colors (PE), tints and clears (PP).
  • Specific PMS material color matches can be requested
  • UV screen, digital and offset inks can be printed to both materials
  • Both plastic materials can be used in many converting operations
  • Completely recyclable

Product CapabilitiesClose up Ream of Large Empty White Papers on a Wooden Platform Inside the Office.

PolyPrime Material Parameters

Click here to download our general specifications for sheet and roll stock

PolyPrime Standard Material Finishes

  • Matte/Matte – (PE & PP) A slightly textured surface. It is the most popular finish for all products, compatible with all UV print technology
  • Matte/Gloss – (PP) A slightly textured surface on one side and a gloss (smooth) surface on the other
  • Soft Crush – (PE) Lightly textured surface on one side duplicating a “leatherette” texture
  • Porcelain – (PE) A shiny, completely smooth surface on one side reminiscent of fine china

PolyPrime Branded Material Finishes

  • PolyLux – (PE) Great for offset and digital printing – it is a dull smooth finish
  • ProMotion – (PP) A gloss/gloss finish that is optically clear
  • OptiTek – (PP) Diagonal lines embossed over a gloss finish
  • Lagoon – (PP) A frosted material that becomes clear when coated with clear ink
  • Reflet – (PP) A heavily textured matte finish over a gloss finish